FRS is proud to provide leading Class Action Claims Recovery services. A recognized leader in Class Action Settlement Recovery, FRS has obtained over $100 million in class action settlement and other recoveries. FRS prepares initial claim forms and all supporting documentation necessary.


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FRS provides a vast array of services, including providing effective notification of settlements in which they may be eligible; performing research to assure that all appropriate businesses are included in the claim process; providing advice on what, if any, documents need to be collected. When documents are required and not available or are too burdensome to collect, FRS develops alternate means to satisfy documentation requirements; preparing, assembling, submitting claims packages and managing them throughout the administration process.

An emerging industry leader.

Located just outside of New York City - Financial Recovery Strategies is a dynamic corporation comprised of professional specialists whose impressive backgrounds include solid careers in law,  accounting, financial asset and corporate management. Our property tax, energy management and telecom partners share these qualities and values, which explain the favorable relationships we cultivate with Fortune 500 companies.

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This unique blend of talents produces a team of exceptionally-qualified consultants, capable of maximizing financial refunds from Class Action Settlements, Energy Management, Property Tax Reduction, Telecom Services, Telephone Excise Tax Refund (TETR), Data Center Consulting Services & Custom Programs tailored specifically for clientele.


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FRS has added to its strategic plan and implemented programs designed to help companies reduce their expenses in the fields of Energy, Tax Reduction, and Health Benefits. Through partnerships and years of experience FRS is able to provide many cost saving programs.

Financial Recovery Strategies was founded with the mission of adhering to the highest level of professional ethics and standards while providing our customers best-in-class services with no risk & no expenses. We continue to develop successful business relationships by adding exceptional value through ongoing support efforts, earning trust and respect from satisfied clients.


Not only do we establish long-term relationships but we focus our efforts on maximizing your company’s profits through unparalleled financial recovery opportunities achieving superior bottom line results. We consistently identify and improve cutting-edge recovery services and support them with superior customer service and satisfaction. Financial Recovery Strategies unrivaled dedication continues to develop its client base, while never losing sight of success.

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FRS is an asset recovery and cost savings firm that specializes in, among other services, class action settlement claims recovery; we are not a court appointed claims administrator or class counsel. As such, FRS is paid on an agreed-upon contingent-fee basis only upon and from the recoveries we obtain. Please understand that you have the right to file claims on your own. We urge you to read FRS’s Case Summaries and FRS’s Authorization Terms, which, for the settlements described on this website, together provide detailed information, including eligibility criteria, and describe FRS’s services and our customary terms. For additional settlement information concerning any settlement described on FRS’s website, you may visit the court-approved websites referenced in FRS’s Case Summaries, or you may contact Class Counsel or the Claims Administrator.

Financial Recovery Strategies (FRS) under the guidance of Ronald R. Sussman, President and Michael Epstein, CEO, will lead FRS in an array of new Asset Recovery and Cost Saving Programs. FRS, a recognized leader in Class Action Settlement Recovery Strategies, has added to its strategic plan and implemented programs designed to help companies manage their expenses in the fields of Energy, Tax Reduction and Health Benefits, among others.

February 2, 2015

FRS leaders announce new Asset Recovery & Cost Savings Programs


Financial Recovery Strategies (FRS), a recognized leader in class action settlement claims recovery, is proud to announce that it has opened an office in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  The seven former Rust Consulting professionals who staff that office, headed by Robin Niemiec, an attorney and former Client Services Director at Rust, specializing in consumer and antitrust practice.  Robin along with Sandra Peters and April Hyduk, both Senior Project Administrators, bring a wealth of class action claims administration experience to the FRS team.

January 20, 2015

FRS opens new Florida office with former Rust Consulting administrators

Financial Recovery Strategies (FRS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Ronald R. Sussman as its President to lead FRS in an expansion plan both nationally and internationally. A former Cooley LLP Law Partner, Mr. Sussman most recently served as the Turnaround Management Association (TMA) President, Chairman, and Immediate Past Chair. Mr. Sussman is a seasoned, accomplished lawyer in the world of business litigation and corporate restructuring and finance. He is a well-known and recognized leader of Global TMA.

January 12, 2015

Ronald R. Sussman joins Financial Recovery Strategies as President

Financial Recovery Strategies (FRS), a recognized leader in class action settlement claims recovery, is proud to announce that Jeffrey N. Leibell has joined the Company as its General Counsel.  As General Counsel, Mr. Leibell is responsible for handling FRS's legal matters and managing its Legal Department. He also will lend his vast background in class actions and their administration.

July 14, 2014

FRS welcomes Jeffrey N. Leibell, General Counsel, to their growing team



Class Action Claims

The FRS mission is to provide its clients with industry leading asset recovery services with no risk or expenses, while adhering to the highest level of professional ethics. FRS provides an array of services, including effective notification of settlements in which clients may be eligible.


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