If you directly purchased freight forwarding services in the U.S.A., you may be eligible for a substantial monetary payment resulting from a proposed class-action settlement.

If you purchased electronic DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) indirectly you may be eligible for a substantial payment from a proposed class-action settlement fund.

Freight Settlement

DRAM Settlement

$112 Million

$310.72 Million

If your business accepted payment by Visa or MasterCard debit and/or credit cards on or after January 2004 through present, a class action settlement may affect you.

If you indirectly purchased a TV, monitor or notebook computer containing an LCD panel flat screen from Jan 1999 through Feb 2006, a class action settlement may affect you.

Visa/Mastercard Settlement

TFT LCD Settlement

$5.7 Billion

$1.08 Billion

FRS Provides Industry Leading Class Action Settlement Claim Filing Services & Management. FRS is currently advising clients and/or working on document and information collection concerning the submission of claims for recoveries in the following settlements:

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FRS is not Class Counsel or a Claims Administrator. As a third-party claims consulting firm, FRS works on a contingent-fee basis and are only paid upon and from the recovery of a refund. You have the right to file on your own; however, thousands of companies, including many in the Fortune 500, have found value in the services FRS offers.

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